Takayuki Marui - 1


白磁作家 丸井孝之





Takayuki Marui is a potter devoted to white porcelain clay for his passion and expression through his life living by the Pacific coastal line of Isumi in Chiba prefecture, Japan.
His interpretation and approach is to model ‘Japanized shape’ of pottery bowl (as “Chawan”) by white porcelain based on the traditional method of 100% handwork with potter’s wheel only (No casting), and to materialize the essence of its conceptual art (tea ceremony) more freely as sublimated form from traditional Japanese arts and crafts.
Please enjoy the quality (specially, of its texture) of his handmade chawan of white porcelain, and also its utility luxury for advanced everyday use besides special occasions.




1974 Gallery Lunami in Ginza, Tokyo
1975 MOVE50 at The Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno, Tokyo
1981-83 Seibu Department Stores in Ikebukuro, and Shibuya, Tokyo
1983-00 Art Gallery at Matsuya Department Stores in Ginza, Tokyo (X6)
1987 Gallery Kaita in Shibuya, Tokyo
1988 Gallery Genkai in Shinjuku, Tokyo
1994 Gallery Kuki in Paris, France
1995 Ishigami-no-oka Museum of Art in Iwatemachi, Iwate
1997 Gallery Nishiri in Gion, Kyoto
1998 Gallery Kanbiwako in Azaicho, Shiga
1998-05 Gallery Mukuri in Daikanyama, Tokyo
1999 Gallery 801 in Kazusa-Ichinomiya, Chiba (X2)
1999 Gallery Eda in Oita (X3)
2000-05 A collection in Aoyama, Tokyo (X3)
2002 AC Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo (X2)
2003 Atllier Somuni in Makuhari, Chiba
2004 Gallery Tutui in Aoyama, Tokyo
2005 Sai Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo
2006 Imperial Hotel in Tokyo
2007-17 Gallery Koshichi in Onjuku, Chiba